Dr. Gisella L. Zukausky of Fort Wayne, IN

Dr. Gisella L. Zukausky

Dr. Gisella Zukausky - Hypnotherapy Instructor in Fort Wayne, IN
Dr. Zukausky has a doctorate in Clinical and Medical Hypnosis from the “American Institute of Hypnotherapy in California, a bachelor degree in Psychology from St. John's Institute in Louisiana, and she is an ordained minister. Dr. Zukausky has a lifetime membership with the “International Association of Counselors and Therapists/ International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association.
She is an independent teaching contractor and consultant in the United States and has taught in the Philippines and India. She is often asked to be a guest lecturer at colleges and universities in the Fort Wayne area, as well as abroad. She teaches classes, and corporate seminars, and consultation courses in Self-Hypnosis, Self-Esteem, Stress Management, and Goal Motivation.
Dr. Zukausky has been asked to speak and teach at professional conferences. She has written and published books on hypnosis that have been used as teaching manuals internationally. She has studied Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) from the Inner Mind Development Institute in Manila, Philippines, which she now teaches internationally. Dr. Zukausky has written a book on how to do what she teaches in her ESP class. Gisella is on the faculty at St John's Institute, Springfield, LA in their Parapsychology department. She teaches Hypno-Anesthesia, Pain Management, Glove Anesthesia and other courses.
Zukausky had a television series on the local access channel (Channel 10 in Fort Wayne, IN) the program was called “Hypnosis for Quality Living”.
She is the Instructor, Founder and Director of the Midwest Training Institute of Hypnosis. Zukausky has been in private practice since April 1986 and has taught internationally since 1991. She has been interviewed for television and radio programs internationally. A large ABC affiliate TV station recently did a 3 week series on Dr. Zukausky to help one of their Sports Reporters stop smoking. Dirk Rowley with Magic 95.1fm radio was helped improve his golf game with one session by Dr. Zukausky. She has been interviewed a number of times by DJ Dave on radio 96.3. Zukausky has been interviewed for a number of magazines, and newspaper articles in this country as well as abroad.
American Directory of “Who's Who in Executives & Businesses” approved Dr. Zukausky for inclusion since their 1998-1999 edition. The office of the Executive Director has confirmed Dr. Gisella Zukausky as a biographical listee and a member and has also been qualified for inclusion in the 2007 edition of “United Who's Who Registry” of Executives and Professionals. Avery Publications lists Dr. Zukausky's institute, Midwest Training Institute of Hypnosis, in their book, “Planning Your Career in Alternative Medicine”, since their first edition. The International Hypnosis Hall Of Fame Convention nominated Zukausky for “Woman of the Year Award” for 1998 and again in 1999. She is a life member of the International Association for Counselors and Therapists.
Housed within the Ronald Reagan Republican Center in Washington D.C. the National Republican Senatorial Committee Honor Roll is as an enduring symbol of her commitment to “Preserving the ideals of freedom and liberty for all”. The NRC Business Advisory Council has named Gisella Zukausky 2003 “Businesswoman of the Year for Indiana”. In 2004 Gisella was selected to represent Indiana on the new Presidential Business Commission and is an honorary chairman of the party's Business Advisory Council.
Zukausky was nominated “Woman of The Year – 2005” to the American Biographical Institute by its worldwide research Board of over ten thousand members for inclusion in “The International Directory of Experts and Expertise.” She has been nominated for 2008 Commemorative Medal by the Woman of the Year Board of International Research for her dedication toward her profession and the notable example she has set for her peers and community by the American Biographical Institute. She has been an officer and is a member of Toastmasters.
For more information contact Dr. Gisella Zukausky by e-mail gzukausky@gmail.com, or by phone (260)-484-6727.