Client Testimonials

Dear Dr. Zukausky,
I wanted to drop you a line that you could share with others of what my results were using your services. I was 70 years old when I first came to you to stop smoking. In three sessions I no longer had any thought or desire to smoke. I have not had any need to since then. Nor have I gained any weight. I recommended you to a friend of mine and she too has not smoked in all these years. Two years after I first came to you to stop smoking I came to you for alcoholism. My drinking had become a problem in my life and for my family It took only a few sessions with you for me to have no need or desire to drink. I haven’t felt like drinking in all these years. I hope this letter will help others that have the problems I had. I feel so much better now and in control of my life.

Thank you for your help.
Rita M.
Dear Gisella,
Gisella, you are a true friend. I am so glad you’re a friend. I may not be here if it wasn’t for you. I truly believe you helped save my life. That’s a pretty awesome friend because I was headed on my way down. I am so thankful that I don’t have to live like that anymore. I’ll have 16 months of being clean and sober tomorrow. It has been a good 16 months. I feel like I’ve done some growing as a person. It’s awesome living without drugs and alcohol!!! For so many years I thought that my fun times had to revolve around drinking and drugging. Now I can’t stand to be around it. I had a ‘Meet Me at Five’ last night. I was ok for the first hour. Then, it seemed like everyone was drinking and I was ready to leave. I just don’t care to be around it anymore. I did not feel like having a drink while I was there and that’s a good thing. Well, I’ve taken enough of your time so I’ll close for now. Take care and have a GREAT day!!!!! Thanks for all your help!!!!!

It would be ok if you use that letter. I look at it this way, it’s the truth, I may not be here if it wasn’t for you. My life is So much better than it used to be!!!!!
- Steve
Dr. Zukausky,
Hello my name is Sheila Burnett. My husband Eric recently underwent hypnosis with you to stop smoking. I just want to thank you first of all for helping him kick this habit, as it has been such a struggle for him in the past.

I am pleased to say he is smoke free, happy, and has been able to not gain any weight as said he would do. We have been passing out your cards and many people have shown interest and will be contacting you.

On another note, I am interested in weight loss as well. I have lost 105 lbs. This was a year and a half ago. I wanted to lose another 25 lbs, get motivated to exercise, and not go back to old habits. I was wondering how many sessions this would take? Thanks for your time and I am looking forward to hearing back from you.
Sheila B.
Thank you so much for my past session. I am amazed how good I feel compared to the last few dismal months of depression. It is like day and night difference! I have done publicity work for you by telling several friends about it.

My best friend suffers from gout, arthritis, and acid reflex, her daughter is on disability for fibromyalgia and her grandson has MS (found out when he was 17 and now is 21)..whom also just went on disability, and has constant pain problems as now parts of his body are going numb. I was wondering if you could help with their pain.

I am so looking forward to our next session to improve myself more. Oh,by the way I did go to the library and got the book, Deadly Emotions which is a very good book. Thank you for that tip as well. See ya have a good weekend.
-Glenna Mae
Dear Gisella,
I brought my friend to be a volunteer for you to demonstrate on him, in your class I was taking in hypnosis. The Doctors gave him three months to live. He had a liver disease. His complexion was gray and his ear lobes and fingers were black. He walked with a cane and continually belched air. After you were done with the session on him his skin color was normal, ear lobes and fingers were now gray instead of black and there was no more belching. He handed me his cane and said he no longer needed it. In a couple of weeks my friend was able to eat anything for the first time in a year, and he felt stronger with each day. In three months the doctors said that there was no longer a problem with his liver. They had not done anything different in his treatment. There has been no reoccurrence since then in the past years.
Eleanor L.
Dear Dr. Zukausky,
I have been suffering with severe pain because of an accident 5 years ago. I can’t leave the house unless someone drives me.

I have seen every specialist in many fields including a Chiropractor, acupuncture, and healers.

I found your website on the internet and saw you could do hypnotherapy over the phone. I live in Canada and it would be impossible for me to come to you. I called you and we set up appointments over the phone.

In 4 appointments I was totally over the pain and was able to drive and do whatever I wanted.

I owe you so much.
Thank you,
Alice R.
Hello Gisella,
Just to let you know that Rick and I are doing wonderfully now. I feel much better about myself and the sessions helped in ways I didn’t plan on. I have digestive problems from having gastroparesis (Paralyzed Stomach), and have stomach spasms regularly, especially at night. Also some undiagnosed “twitching: throughout my limbs. After the three sessions with you, the spasms and twitching are probably 75% or more relieved even though we never worked on those problems. I can sleep I never even told you about that problem. So thank you for that bonus.

This was something that was so helpful after years of seeing psychologists, I felt better in just 3 visits for the problem I came in for.

I am studying for a psychology degree currently (although in the early stages). I really want to be able to do this for others as years of counseling and therapy can be accomplished in only a few sessions with Clinical Hypnosis.

Laurie V.
Circulation Supervisor
Dear Dr. Zukausky,
I have seen you only 3 times for issues dealing with my uncontrollable snacking and mindless over eating.

I come from a history of molestation as a small child and have been having a hard time dealing with these emotions in my mid adult years. Obviously I was using food as a way to comfort myself and yet, I didn’t know how to stop myself.

I come from a history of molestation as a small child and have been having a hard time dealing with these emotions in my mid adult years. Obviously I was using food as a way to comfort myself and yet, I didn’t know how to stop myself.

I am a calmer, happier person. I know that with continued hypnotherapy I will be able to deal with past hurts, that I will learn to appreciate myself and love myself and that finally I will no longer use food as a source of comfort.

Thank you Dr. Gisella Zukausky,
Vicki F.W. Indiana
Dear Dr. Zukausky:
Thought you would be interested to know that my sales have tripled with the help you have given me in only 3 sessions.

I used to have problems with Cold Calls, but now I look forward to them.

George T.
Account Representative
Yellow Book USA
Dear Dr. Zukausky:
I have improved my golf game after coming to you for only one session.

Thank you,
Dirk R.
Majic 95.1 fm radio

Dear Dr. Zukausky,
Although I first came to you to stop smoking I experienced help in another area as well. I had been diagnosed with Manic Depression 19 years ago, (now known as Bi-polar). I came to you to work on this problem next. I am amazed at how much better I feel since you have worked on this. The constant sadness, tiredness, worthless feelings, anger, etc. seem to be fading away. I feel like a different person. Things that used to bother me to death don’t seem to matter anymore. Friends and family have noticed these changes. Thanks to you, Dr. Zukausky, for helping me. Hypnotherapy wasn’t’t as traumatic and painful as the many years I’ve had traditional psychiatric therapy.

God Bless you,
Dr. Zukausky,
I served as a Green Beret Sergeant on a Special Forces A team in Vietnam in 1969. I saw and participated in a great deal of heavy combat at the Cambodian border. We were used as bait to lure main force North Vietnamese infantry units. We went through seventy-one straight days of fighting. I saw several of my close buddies blown up near me.

Upon arrival in the U.S., I immediately sought psychiatric help from the VA. I heavily abused alcohol and drugs. It cost me my marriage. People, even those who knew me were deathly afraid of me.

For the next 25 years I had continuous nightmares, flashbacks, hallucinations. I received continuous psychiatric treatment from the VA, including six hospitalizations for PTSD. Nothing really helped.

In April of 1995 I was at the end of my rope. On a chance I saw Dr. Zukausky in the newspaper. I made an appointment. It changed my life.

After the first session my mother asked what had happened. She noticed a drastic change in my attitude and demeanor. When I told her about my experience with hypnotherapy, she wept. She had her son back.

By the fifth session I had ceased to have nightmares, and the guilt I had felt for a quarter century was gone. I have never had flash backs or nightmares. I have learned to release my anger rather than internalize it. The violent feelings I would experience are gone. All because of hypnotherapy and this very special lady.

I have numerous physical problems. I had seen medical doctors about them. Dr. Zukausky addressed these problems with hypnotherapy, especially headaches. I can truly say that her treatment has helped me dramatically. I don’t have headaches anymore. I have chronic pain and she has taught me to control and release it.

James G.
To Whom It May Concern,
I first went to Gisella Zukausky for hypnotherapy with a referral from the Family Practice Center Of The Fort Wayne Medical Education Program on Feb. 5, 1999.

I had many problems that I had been in therapy for almost twenty years. I was diagnosed as Schizophrenic with Manic Depression, and heavily medicated. I had many fears, obsessive compulsive, mental distractions, grandiose thinking, to name only a few. Hearing voices was also a major problem for me for many years.

After seeing Gisella Zukausky 20 times that summer I have achieved the following results:

Fear 7 session, almost totally gone Heavy heart 2 sessions, these feelings are totally gone. Sour sinking feelings Depression 2 sessions seems to be totally gone. Obsessive behavior 3 sessions, this has lessened but probably need some more work. Insecurity 5 sessions, mostly gone but still seems to need a little more work. Hearing Voices 2 sessions, now gone. At some session we worked on more than one problem. to get more help done. Mental Distraction, Lack of Confidence and Self-Esteem, Not Feeling Cheerful, Grandiose Thinking/Because of Delusions. Since these sessions I have gotten a job, and am now in a serious relationship. I have plans to go back to college to finish my degree. I had dropped out 20 years ago. In the fall of 1999 I fell asleep while driving my car and caused the death of someone. It was very difficult for me to deal with this. I had been receiving therapy from someone for this. When I called Dr. Zukausky she offered to work on me for free since I did not have the money at the time, to resolve these feelings so they would not trouble me and cause me more difficulty. After three sessions I felt I was able to put that incident to rest and felt I now was free from the feelings this had caused me.

Mark G.
Dear Gisella Zukausky,
I am a 52-year-old male that had tried to deal with PTSD for nearly 33 years. After 30 plus years of private and VA therapy I was lucky enough to encounter you, Dr. Zukausky. July 4, 1972 off the coast of Vietnam I was injured aboard the U.S.S. Newport News and as a result of those injuries, I was deaf and blind. The US Navy doctors rebuilt my ears and restored my sight. I didn’t feel very lucky; in fact I was a very angry man. I unconsciously obscured that anger from myself, but was not as successful in keeping it from upsetting those around me. I, like many of us, showed largely that anger in what we call “Road Rage”. I was consistently judgmental of everyone else on my road. After two sessions with you I was no longer judgmental or criticizing other drivers. I was observing them instead, “Oh, she’s on her cell phone.” Not “Get the _____ off the phone!” The stress is gone and I feel like I’ve added years to my life. Life is less of a burden now. My relationships with others and my wife are much happier now.
Mike O.
Dear Dr. Zukausky,
I had a very bad problem with cocaine & alcohol. This problem lasted for about 14 years. The drinking started at the age of 13. I had my first drunk at 14. I have been in numerous “In Patient” programs. I did have some clean time in between. In fact, I did have 2 years plus at one time. I started drinking (first) & then using. I stayed out for over 2 years. It was a true two years of Hell! Things were so bad, I even tried to end it a couple of times. It is a “True Miracle” that I’m even here. Then I met Gisella Zukausky & started weekly sessions. Within 8 sessions the obsession to drink or use was GONE. I was even able to stop chewing, a habit that I had for over 15 years. I truly believe that Gisella Zukausky helped save my life. I thank God for her.

Most Sincerely,
Dear Dr. Zukausky,
I am so excited I needed to tell someone. I have now lost 20 lbs. (started at 159, now 139). I didn’t have to diet or use any will power. It just seemed to happen naturally because of the therapy.

I went shopping last night and I no longer needed large tops, medium fit fine.

I bought size 8 in blue jeans. I do not know the last time I wore that size. Also one style of pants in size 8 was too big.

It sure was a great filling.

Thanks for your help.
Jane S.
Dear Gisella:
I just wanted to let you know how well the hypnosis for weight loss is working for me. After my second session with you, that evening my husband and I went to eat at a Chinese restaurant. As you know, at most Chinese restaurants the portions are quite generous. As I explained to you in our first session, as rule I don’t drink anything with my meal. This did slow down my eating pace and allowed me to enjoy my meal and eat until my stomach told my brain I was full. Here is the most exciting thing – the waitress brought us boxes to take home the leftover. When I looked at what was left over without really truly “thinking” about it I knew that what I had left would be enough to satisfy me for two lunches – so I used 2 boxes to take my meal home.

Two days later we had “chocolate” day where I work at Kohl’s. We had all kinds of chocolate candies, most of which are my “favorites”. Without any effort whatsoever, I totally ignored the candy. I had no interest whatsoever. Prior to seeing you I would have been in that break room a number of times grabbing 2-3 pieces at a time. I am so pleased with what is happening. I am telling many people about this program. I noticed today on my 3rd session I was very much anticipating being hypnotized. I feel wonderful after the session ends.

If you ever have anyone who has any questions about the hypnosis or how well it works, I would be very happy to share my experience.

Marsha E.
Fort Wayne, IN