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Private Therapy

Advanced Therapy That Brings Relief Fast In A Gentle Way Permanently:

I do private sessions one on one, but I can also do Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis over the phone if you are unable to come into the office. I have done sessions by phone as far away as Manila, Philippines and India as well as other states in the U.S


I have developed a safe and gentle technique to resolve problems over the phone if you are unable to come to my office.

Most problems are done in three sessions or less.
I have an Institute to teach Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy. Some students have received credits for these classes at their other institutes and colleges they are attending.

For further information contact Dr. Gisella Zukausky by e-mail, or by phone (260)-484-6727.

by Dr. Gisella L. Zukausky,BS,C.Ht.,Ct.H.A.

Any time you are not making an effort to reason or think or when you are only listening without judging what you are hearing that is when you are in a hypnotic state. Hypnosis feels no different than sitting with your eyes closed. You are fully aware, awake, and in control of yourself just like when you are daydreaming or meditating.

By only using Post Hypnotic Suggestions as most Hypnotists do, will not get to the source of what has caused the problem. The success rate is only about 15%. When you latter are stress even if you are one of the 15% you will usually have the same problem again

When Hypnosis is used Clinically to get resolve and work out the emotions of what in the past that has caused the problem physically or emotionally the success rate is about 100% when all the sessions are completed. Most problems are done in 3 or 4 sessions.

Dr. Gisella L. Zukausky has a B.S. in Psychology, and a Doctorate in Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy. Gisella is an ordained minister. She has been an instructor for 28 years internationally, written 5 books on the subject, that is used in other institutes as manuals. She has a private practice in Fort Wayne, Indiana for about 30 years.

For more information contact Dr. Gisella Zukausky by e-mail, or by phone (260)-484-6727.