Student Testimonials

Dear Gisella,
The analytical course using ideomotor signals for regression therapy is the most advanced course I have ever taken in all the years I have been a Hypnotherapist. It is years before its time. The results I get with clients for mental as well as physical problems are truly amazing.
- Vivian S. C.Ht.,Ct.H.A
Dear Dr. Zukausky,
I viewed your videos on anesthesia with L. Evens, M.D. and I thought it was remarkable the way this technique is used.
I also viewed portions of the teaching videos with L. Evans, and I wish to commend you on your professionalism and Christian Ethics and Attitude.
- Charles B., M.D.
University of Illinois Hospital
Dear Dr. G. L. Zukausky,
Your teaching videos course I am taking are great, and I am learning a lot from them. I received Collage credits and will get a degree as a Psychiatrist.
- L.O. E., M.D.
University of Illinois Hospital
To Whom It May Concern:
If you want to learn more than you ever thought possible to know about hypnotherapy, study with Dr. Gisella Zukausky. The classes were great!
-Betty R., RN, BLS, CTH
This is Lane Garcia in Manila Philippines. I took your hypnosis class while you where here.
Since then I got my PH. D in 1998 and am still connected with De La Salle University-Manila. Aside from teaching, I am also still doing consultancy work with industry. I have kept my clinical practice deliberately small, preferring to concentrate on training and human resource management for industrial clients. I am very happy to report, though, that I have developed a personal style in Hypnotherapy that is focused towards mental training in sports. I have medal-winning athletes both at the national and international (Southeast Asian Games) levels to show for it. Thanks to the wonderful training you started with me. I have customized my training to suit Filipino cultural traits
- Lane G., Ph.D.
Dear Gisella,
This course in Hypnotherapy gave me tremendous insight into the subconscious mind and how it affects the overall behavior of people. I would recommend the course to anyone interested in working with people and helping them improve their quality of life.
- Thomas C., Ed.D.
This Hypnosis Training offers a broad spectrum of training and techniques, which go well beyond conventional approaches to hypnotherapy. I feel like I experienced hypnotherapy up close with personal attention and learned many practical applications.
Clifford S.,111,C.Ht.
Dear Dr. Zukausky,
My recent participation in your Hypnotherapy Training course was a truly great experience! Besides qualifying me for certification in Hypnotherapy, the exchange of ideas, experiences and the readings were an intellectually stimulating awakening to the generally untapped potential of the human mind. May your efforts to educate people to the values of Hypnotism continue to be successful!
- Ed B.,C.Ht.